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Posted by CareerBuilder UK on 23 April 2015 in Recruiter Advice, HR Technology Trends, HR Management & Strategy | No Comment


During the recent economic downturn, employers had the upper hand when it came to recruitment. As the economy has improved, it’s created a talent shortage, shifting the power back to the candidate and making talent acquisition efforts increasingly difficult.As candidates take back control over their careers, companies must work harder to win the fierce competition for talent.

To successfully target the right candidates and bring the right people onto your team when you need them most, you need a game plan that won’t fail you. Here are three strategies to help you not just survive – but thrive – in the age of talent. 

Always be prepared.

Don’t wait until you need to fill a position to start looking for candidates. Nearly 3 in 4 employers say having a candidate engagement strategy (even if there aren’t currently any open positions) reduces time-to-hire, and 2 in 5 say it reduces cost-per-hire. Knowing which positions you will need to fill and creating a pipeline of relevant talent will significantly reduce your time-to-hire in the years to come.

Make a memorable first impression.

Your job posting is your first chance to make a lasting impression on candidates – so don’t waste it. Create a standout job posting that differentiates you from your competitors, while giving real insight into what working for your company is all about.

Hold on (to candidates) for one more day.

What are you doing with candidates who have applied to open positions at your organisation in the past? Just because you didn’t hire them for a position in the past doesn’t mean they aren’t the perfect candidate for another job that arises. Make sure you foster your relationship with these candidates and reach out to them when relevant opportunities become available.


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