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Jobs posted: Which countries are the most affected?

Posted by CareerBuilder UK in COVID19Data | No Comment

The above data collected through Broadbean is showing a job postings decrease  in all the top countries for the week starting on 22nd March versus the previous one.

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Strategies and tactics for hiring quickly

Posted by CareerBuilder UK in COVID19 | No Comment

Reducing time to hire is always a top priority for recruiters and hiring managers. When you need someone, you typically need them as soon as possible.  

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COVID-19: Stay connected to your remote workforce

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For many workers, their kitchen table is now their desk, and kids and pets commonly make appearances in meetings. Work from home is the new reality, and managers have to make sure employees feel connected and engaged to their work. We all know video is a lifesaver, but it isn’t the only factor in a successful telecommuting environment.

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Recruitment and talent acquisition: how to overcome the impact of Coronavirus

Posted by CareerBuilder UK in Recruiter Advice, HR Technology Trends, HR software, HR Management & Strategy, COVID19 | No Comment

In the current global crisis, the government is announcing measures to stem the epidemic of Coronavirus (Covid-19). Many companies are impacted by those measures and it would be tempting to put everything on standby, recruitment included. However, life will resume its course sooner or later and you will then need talents…

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Choosing between generalist and niche job sites

Posted by CareerBuilder UK in Technology, Big Data, Job Ads | 1 Comment

Many employers now find themselves in a candidate-driven job market, so finding the right employees for your company may be becoming increasingly difficult. What's more you no doubt wish to make sure that your recruitment budget is used as effectively as possible and delivers the results that your senior executives expect. Although social media, employee referral programmes and other types of networking are now important channels for

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Infographic – The Ideal Recruitment Experience: find the best candidates. Faster!

Posted by CareerBuilder UK in Infographics, Recruiting Workflow & Efficiency, Candidate Experience | No Comment

Long and complicated application process scare good candidates off. In a time where talent is scare, can you really afford to lose candidates?

Have a look at our infographics and step up your recruiting with an optimised and candidate centric approach.

We show an ideal recruitment process to help you attract and retain the best talent faster.

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Google for Jobs is now live in the UK

Posted by CareerBuilder UK in Recruiter Advice, Technology, Job Ads | No Comment

You might have heard the good news! Google for Jobs is now live in the UK. Please find below some general information and tips on ensuring your jobs are indexed via our job boards.

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An Eye-Catching Employer Brand: Corporate design in job adverts

Posted by CareerBuilder UK in Communication, Employer Branding, Job Ads | 2 Comments

For many candidates, the job advert will be their first encounter with your company. It's therefore important for you to come across as an attractive employer right from the start. No easy task since, thanks to a flood of digital information and social media, the average attention span is becoming shorter. As a study from Microsoft revealed, this is now only 8 seconds (and therefore even less than that of a goldfish). We show you how, in addition to good

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Recruitment 2017: Trends and Developments

Posted by CareerBuilder UK in Recruiter Advice, Employer Branding, Job Ads | No Comment

What changes will there be to recruitment practices in the coming year? What trends will significantly influence the work of HR professionals and where will budgets be spent? As part of its Global Recruiting Trends Report, LinkedIn asked over 4,000 HR professionals from 35 countries worldwide about these issues. We show you the most important results.

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7 Secrets to Retaining Your Talent in 2017

Posted by CareerBuilder UK in Leadership, HR Management & Strategy, Employee Retention | No Comment

In the much-touted war for talent, we often forget to look inside our organisations and realise the potential we have — until the moment we get that resignation across our desks. And at that point, it’s far too late. What can and should you be doing to make sure that those moments are few and far between?

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