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Posted by CareerBuilder UK on 8 September 2015 in HR Glossary, HR Technology Trends, Labour market | No Comment

HR-Glossary_WThe expression "War for Talent" was first used by McKinsey in 1997 to describe the difficulties companies have in finding and employing skilled workers. Due to demographic changes and the increasing demand for specific qualifications, recruitment in many industries is becoming more of a "battle" for top talent. Areas particularly affected are: healthcare, social services and education; civil engineering and building technology; energy, electrical engineering and mechatronics; as well as logistics and security.

To survive the current job-applicant market and recruit the best talent, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to modernise their recruitment processes to meet these new challenges. A positive Candidate Experience is a key element of a strong employer brand and successful recruitment. Because: the stronger the employer brand, the greater the interest and number of suitable candidates. The right technology can help improve all aspects of your application process (and therefore also the candidate experience) - making recruitment both simpler and more efficient.

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