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In HR management, qualifications are understood to be the professional expertise and social skills of an employee in relation to the job performed and area of work.

An employee's professional skills and qualifications include:

-        Education and training

-        Specialised knowledge (e.g. mathematical or language skills)

-        Working techniques and methodology skills

-        Media skills

An employee's personal skills include:

-        Entrepreneurial skills

-        Ability to work under pressure

-        Creativity

-        Learning skills

-        Self-initiative

An employee's interpersonal skills include:

-        Leadership/management skills

-        Capacity for team work

-        Behavioural skills

-        Negotiation skills

-        Cultural awareness

-        Empathy

-        Ability to deal with conflict

The individual qualifications of each and every employee have a direct effect on productivity - and ultimately also on the success of a company.

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