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Recruitment 2017: Trends and Developments

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What changes will there be to recruitment practices in the coming year? What trends will significantly influence the work of HR professionals and where will budgets be spent? As part of its Global Recruiting Trends Report, LinkedIn asked over 4,000 HR professionals from 35 countries worldwide about these issues. We show you the most important results.

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7 Secrets to Retaining Your Talent in 2017

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In the much-touted war for talent, we often forget to look inside our organisations and realise the potential we have — until the moment we get that resignation across our desks. And at that point, it’s far too late. What can and should you be doing to make sure that those moments are few and far between?

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The Changing Face of HR: Change management in personnel

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In his song "Everything Remains Different”, German singer and actor Herbert Grönemeyer already alluded to this fact in 1998. Today, it could be the workers' hymn for the majority of employees in Germany. Because at the moment change is the one constant in working life. Transformation has become a central feature of corporate life. Cynics like to maintain that the current reorganisation is just the one before the next one!  Only companies that are

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The best Christmas present: A good rest!

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Why is that the term "burnout" returns significantly more hits in a Google search than Santa Claus? Experts are worried: The level of stress-related sickness at work is increasing sharply. Rest and relaxation should therefore be at the top of the Christmas list.

You've had a challenging year at work and, after a strenuous end-of-year spurt, are looking forward to a well-earned Christmas break to recharge your batteries. For 40 million workers

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Why job adverts written from the candidate's perspective are more successful

Posted by CareerBuilder UK in Candidate Attraction, Job Ads, Candidate Experience | 1 Comment

Job Adverts: Too much of a muchness

You have invested a lot of time and money in preparing a job advert, but it still hasn't produced the new talent you wanted. This might indicate that you didn't reach or were unable to convince your target group. You're not alone. A recent study by consultancy firm Employer Telling and the software company Textkernel highlights

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3 tips for better collaboration in recruitment

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In today’s competitive job market, you just can’t afford to take your time in the recruitment process. If your process involves a lot of feet-dragging, you can be sure the best and brightest candidates will be moving on to greener pastures. With talent at a premium, few companies can afford to lose out on top talent because of a lengthy recruitment process.

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How to turn unsuccessful candidates into a valuable resource

Posted by CareerBuilder UK in HR Technology Trends, HR Management & Strategy, Textkernel | No Comment

How often have you been in the dilemma: you have a number of excellent candidates, but at the moment  are only able to offer one of them a job? Or you interview someone who would make an excellent addition to your workforce, but not in the current role you need to fill? Given the cost and effort of recruitment, this may seem a waste. And wouldn't it be great if other people within your organisation were also aware of these potential candidates, should

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5 tips for leading a healthier work lifestyle

Posted by CareerBuilder UK in Workplace Issues, Work Life Balance, Leadership | 1 Comment

Stressful meetings, overtime and continual pressure to deliver first-class results – ever increasing competition, and company goals aimed at making greater profits year after year, all have an impact on employees' day-to-day work that is not to be taken lightly. And, in view of demographic changes, they now have to demonstrate all-out commitment for a considerably longer period of time. The result: mental overload and burnout

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Gut Feelings in Recruitment: How to find candidates that are really suitable for your organisation

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Attracting the best talent has long been a challenge for recruiters. An applicant's soft skills and personal attributes are becoming increasingly important –  often making them a decisive factor in employing someone. Start-up companies in particular, as well as small and medium-sized organisations, look for candidates who, in addition to their professional qualifications, can also offer commitment, resilience, flexibility, passion and creativity. Recruiters face

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How to minimise the risk of making a bad hiring decision

Posted by CareerBuilder UK in Recruiter Advice, HR Technology Trends, Recruiting Workflow & Efficiency | 1 Comment

One in ten staff changes involve a bad hiring decision – according to a survey from Robert Half. The effects of such bad decisions on the company at large can often be serious: loss of productivity and quality, negative effects on the team's working morale and, not insignificantly, additional costs in recruitment. The effects should not be underestimated, particularly where the member of staff concerned has a key role that is not so

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