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Employees - A Forgotten Marketing Resource

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A company's success depends on many things: from its range of products and services to competitive prices. But one aspect is regularly overlooked - the employees. The Gallup 'Brand Ambassador Index' shows how companies can gain competitive advantage via their staff.

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The Changing Face of HR: Social media managers in personnel

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The fact that HR needs social media is nothing new. Although the big hype about it is over, as every HR professional knows, there's no avoiding social media. It's just a question of doing it! But this is easier said than done, since initial results have produced some disillusionment. The main areas of criticism: no strategy, not serious enough, too little interaction or missing the target group.

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Employees as Success Factor: Why human & social capital are so important

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 Over a decade ago some experts considered the expression "human capital" taboo because it reduced humans to being of mere economic interest. Since then, employees have advanced from being of pure "economic interest" to being the most important prerequisite for business success in the eyes of employers. So it has not been possible to banish the term 'human capital' from business jargon. Instead, the expression has become accepted, and

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Infographic: How employees become valuable ambassadors and headhunters!

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Companies are being confronted with a new generation of candidates. Young people in particular are well connected and active in social media - they are also looking for interesting work. Demographic changes and an increasingly competitive job market continue to make recruiting top talent a real challenge. So how can companies go about convincing today’s demanding applicants and succeed in long-term retention?

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CareerBuilder ebook: Empower your employees with referral programmes!

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Demographic changes and skill shortages continue to make recruiting top talent a real challenge. In today’s war for talents, it is important for companies to use all resources available and make hold of valuable talent while effectively improving the time to hire at the same moment.

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Referral Programmes: The "small world" syndrome in recruitment

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The game goes like this: You need to send a message to someone you don't know anywhere in the world. All you have is the name of the person, but no address, telephone number or email. You're not allowed to google, and any other kind of research is against the rules. All you can do is ask your contacts to forward the message. Who you choose to send it to is completely irrelevant, since the likelihood of one of your own acquaintances knowing the intended

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The Changing Face of HR: Storytelling in Recruitment

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There's hardly anything that gets people going more than a well-told story. Stories provide information with emotional added-value. After all, curiosity, enthusiasm, sympathy or a sense of belonging can't be aroused by facts alone. It's all about feelings. Whilst marketing lives from this realisation, HR is also making increasing use of society's appetite for emotion. Can you really catch mice with cheese and employees with emotions? Careful: Storytelling is

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How to hire the next Steve Jobs: 10 Tips from his former boss

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Ask unanswerable questions. Hire the obnoxious. Celebrate their failures. WHAT? That’s not traditional advice, but it’s what one Silicon Valley legend suggests if you’re on a quest to find and hire creative people who have the potential to be the next Steve Jobs.Nolan Bushnell — founder of gaming giant Atari, pioneer in the video gaming industry and author of “Finding the Next Steve Jobs” — employed a young Steve Jobs

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Do you have a toxic work culture? 4 telltale signs

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Any size workplace runs the risk of acquiring a toxic culture. When such an atmosphere permeates a small business, however, the effects can be particularly dangerous. You probably depend on your close-knit team functioning as a harmonious unit. Discord or discontent can spread quickly and have a serious impact on operations. An effective small business owner needs to be alert to infiltration. Unfortunately, clues are not always obvious, and

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Employee Referral Programmes for SMEs – 5 Steps to get the Job done

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Time and money – scarce but necessary resources for successful recruiting. This is even more true for small businesses. The solution? Increase efficiency! Here is why an employee referral program can help you do the job: Because you are leveraging an asset you already have – your employees.

Asking team members to think about which people in their networks might make a good addition to the company generates a candidate pool.

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