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There are a lot of HR and recruitment related blogs out there so to help you, we’ve selected a few that we consider to be a cut above the others in terms of content. Enjoy!


Clare Haynes

Clare Haynes, founder of Wildfire, blogs about people and productivity.


Gemma Reucroft

People Stuff: Musings on work, HR and the like by Gemma Recroft.


Mervyn Dinnen

Mervyn Dinnen offers personal thoughts on recruiting and HR in a social world.


Perry Timms

The author blogs about performance management, recruitment, future work and HR in SMEs.


Richard Westney

Richard Westney writes about strategic HR, leadership and the future of work.





Coburg Banks

Different authors blog about attracting applicants, staff retention and tips for candidates.


Jonathan Rice

Jonathan Rice and Sean Walters from New Zealand write about candidate behaviour, sourcing and social media.


Katrina Collier

In her social recruiting blog Katrina Collier gives tips and advice on the use of social media for recruitment, for hiring and job search.


More Insight

Five different authors share their thoughts and experiences of recruiting, leadership & management, retail & hospitality and career management.


Troy Hammond

Troy Hammond, founder of Talent Army, blogs about social and modern sourcing, recruitment and talent acquisition.



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