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Textkernel Jobfeed

The essential job database for all HR professionals

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Want to search and analyse online job vacancies and turn them into usable data?

You can with Jobfeed! The advanced search technology and detailed up-to-date knowledge of the job market make Jobfeed a valuable information source, analysis resource and acquisition tool. Jobfeed is especially interesting for recruitment and staffing agencies, board administrators, job market analysts, corporate recruiters and mobility specialists

  • Ability to generate sales leads
  • See the ads placed by existing or potential customers or competitors in the job market
  • Link to your CRM system with Textkernel’s matching technology
  • Rapidly find the right job for your candidate
  • Identify trends and gather job market information

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Key Features


The deduplication methodology is a unique aspect of the technology behind Jobfeed. Every job ad found is compared to all the job ads received in the past six weeks. We can then accurately determine the number of unique jobs and produce a complete analysis of organisations’ advertising behaviour. You then have clean and clear search results.


Distinction between direct employers and agencies
In addition to monitoring the source of the job ad, Jobfeed recognises whether a job ad was posted by an agency or a direct employer. That enables accurate analyses and targeted acquisition.

Active and expired job ads

Active and expired job ads
Each job is automatically reviewed daily to ascertain the current status. This way you will know which jobs have been filled and which are still open, and how long they have been open.


By means of a link to LinkedIn, you can see in the Jobfeed portal which people in the advertising organisation are part of your LinkedIn network. This useful addition for recruiters and job seekers, enables them to first obtain information about the job through their own network.


Settings and account configurations
Jobfeed enables you to make your own classifications for almost all main criteria. You will then automatically find the jobs that specifically meet your information needs. The portal can be set up in such a way that the job offering is automatically divided and clearly presented to your employees.

Search profiles and e-mail alerts

Search profiles and e-mail alerts
You can save you searches as search profiles in Jobfeed. By setting up e-mail alerts you can receive the latest information of relevance to you every day, every week or every month. You can also see which jobs have been viewed by the recipients.

Best fit for companies looking to

  • Find new hiring companies so you can win their business
  • Automatically deliver new business leads to your inbox daily
  • Gain real-time labor market data to provide your customers with key insights they don’t have
  • Understand the labour market right down to skills demand in your industry niche
  • Analyse posting behaviour of your clients and competition
“The Jobfeed information is of great value to us. It helps us to quickly detect and respond to the demand of our customers and prospects. Understanding the labour market also supports strategic choices.”

Hans Pruis, CEO, Adecco

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