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Social Referral Ambassador

Increase employee referrals, build your company brand and encourage employee engagement through a mobile-first social network.

Your employee ambassador program with real recruitment value

Employee ambassadorship is a trending topic. And this time, that buzz is justified. Research shows that as little as 150 employee ambassadors have more company value than over a million fans. The reason is simply that employee ambassadors have an authentic voice and their combined social networks reach much further than the company’s brand can on its own. Impact, scale and value - everyone wins.

There is also another benefactor - the recruitment team.

Each employee’s social posts increase visibility and boost interest in your business and the jobs on offer. SocialReferral leverages the impact and scale of your employees’ social voice combining your employee ambassadors with an effective employee referral program, all in one. Because SocialReferral integrates seamlessly into your HR systems it provides recruiters with real-time analytics, easy to use dashboards and the workflow is never disrupted.



Increase Referrals by Leveraging the Power of Your Employees' Networks

SocialReferral helps you expand your reach by making it easy for employees to share jobs with their personal networks. It automates referral and bonus tracking, saving you time and helping you reward engaged employees.

Increase referrals

Share Your Authentic Brand Story by Empowering Your Employees

SocialReferral's social network empowers employees to share their work experiences. The result? An authentic brand that attracts and resonates with job seekers.

Share authentic brand stories

Keep employees interested and engaged with real rewards, fun and gamification

Create or enhance your existing employee referral program by making it easy for employees to share job postings. Competitions and rewards incentivize employees to use the tool.

Reward employees for each referral


    All in One

All in One
One place for employees to start sharing and engaged candidates to start exploring – fully branded.

    Fully Mobile

Fully Mobile
Ease of use for your employees with responsive design and smartphone apps for iOS and Android.

    Facebook and WhatsApp

Facebook and WhatsApp
Also available in Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as a channel – and many more share options.

    Traceable links with every share

Traceable links with every share
Pull in-depth analytics and instantly see which employees are your best ambassadors.

    Systematically Reward - Instantly

Systematically Reward - Instantly
An integrated reward system guarantees immediate benefits for employees for each successful referral.

    Amazon Vouchers

Amazon Vouchers
Easily reward with the “classic” incentive through the integrated Amazon Voucher Program.

“It is a tool that allows our employees to positively influence their social networks with our employer brand. There is nothing as powerful as the voice of our employees as Vodafone ambassadors within employer branding.”

Nadine Huijnen, Recruitment Manager Vodafone


Best fit for companies looking to

  • Grow their referral program
  • Share their brand authentically
  • Have an employee advocacy tool
  • Increase their referral resources
  • Automate and track their rewards for referrals

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