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CareerBuilder Applicant Tracking

Manage your entire recruitment process with our flagship, all-in-one recruitment platform.

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Manage your complete applicant workflow efficiently in one simple platform

Careerbuilder's Applicant Tracking System, previously called Talentstream Recruit and Luceo, provides all the tools you need to attract quality talent and run internal recruitment processes.

  • Post jobs to external sites quickly.
  • Source candidates with semantic search.
  • Simplify application management with our easy workflow.
  • Measure your recruiting efforts with real-time reports.

Applicant Tracking One Platform

Accredited G-Cloud Supplier


G-cloud supplier

Key Benefits

SEO & SEM & Retargeting

Increases the number of applicants through SEO and retargeting.

Save time

Fast distribution of jobs in various media and accurate tracking.

search all

Allows searching of candidates, employee referrals and talent pool.

Communication tools

Allows communication of hiring team and customised candidate management.

Automate communication

Automation of repeating communication actions like rejections or invites.

Build reports

Allows you to build custom reports on the fly.

Key Features

Career Site

Full career site with built in SEO and remarketing processes.

Job Distribution

Job distribution tool by Broadbean connects to 7.000 jobsites globally.

One Search Tool

One search tool that brings together all applicants.

Configurable Workflow

Configurable workflow and hiring manager access.

Automated CRM

Automated CRM.

Data and Monitoring

Full data reporting module.

“Overall the solution has been well adopted, offering great improvements to our recruitment function.”

James Poletyllo, Director of Resourcing and Development, Voyage Care

Voyage Care

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