Webinar: Supercharge your recruiting with Marketing Tactics

Supercharge your recruiting with Marketing Tactics


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32 minutes

Stephanie Liais
Marketing Manager,
Careerbuilder UK

The way people search for jobs today is very similar to how they make purchasing decisions - Candidates compare employers using multiple sources (15 on average, according to our 2015 Candidate Behavior Study) to help them evaluate their options and ultimately, decide where to apply. In a tight labour market, the power sits with the candidates and they really DO have a choice.

So what does this mean for you as an HR expert? Reveal your hidden talent as a marketer and turn your 'product' into a must-have! We'll teach you how to:

  • Get to know your target group.
  • Polish your brand presentation.
  • Learn to think from a candidate's perspective.

In 45 minutes you will learn how you can meet your target group’s expectations – and how to turn recruiting into a successful candidate experience!