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A real time, comprehensive, efficient candidate recruitment platform

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Need a special combination of skills, specialties, and core competencies for your open job?

Recruitment Edge uses industry leading technology to search online professional hubs, social networks and our own resume database to uncover hidden gems traditional search techniques miss. As a result, you find candidates with the skills you need quickly and easily.
Our database of online candidate profiles updates automatically to reflect candidates’ growing skills, experience and professional status - giving your company access to even more insight into your talent pool.

  • 52 million relevant UK profiles
  • 8 million profiles with contact information
  • 1.05 million CV’s
  • 135 sources

Key Features

Find top talent

Find top talent
That you might miss through regular sourcing channels.

Save time

Save considerable time
Search online profiles in one easy and efficient single search platform.

Get their attention

Get their attention
Connect via email or social media networks.

Get valuable insights about top talent

Get valuable insight about top talent
Easily through our evidence based skill identification technology.

“Overall the solution has been well adopted, offering great improvements to our recruitment function.”

James Poletyllo, Director of Resourcing and Development, Voyage Care

Voyage Care

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