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Search! is Textkernel’s semantic search software that helps you effectively find the right jobs and candidates in your own database and in external sources.

In a single search task you can search multiple (CV) databases, talent pools and social media. The semantic search technology goes beyond keyword search and finds what you are looking for, not what you type.

  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Increased chance of finding the most suitable candidates
  • Option of simultaneously sourcing multiple databases and social media in one search task
  • Ability to quickly and easily save external profiles

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Key Features


Extensive search capabilities

Compare Candidates

Compare candidates

Active Sourcing
Active sourcing and tagging results
Sharing projects and email-alerts

Sharing projects and email-alerts

“Textkernel’ technology is SUPERB  – it allowed us to cross-reference and search for talent that we didn’t even know we had access to.”

James Purvis, Head of Talent acquisition, CERN

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